countdown to tales of xillia 2 (na): release day!!

today’s the day! my copy’s coming soon and then i’m going to disappear from the world for like two months goodbye friends gaming awaits me


trying to get back into drawing. here are some xillia 2 boys as ladies. sorry rowen isn’t here, i tried and failed. imagine her channeling clarisse renaldi (aka classy as heck).

some comments that you’re free to delete: i wanted to draw girl jude in red tights so i put her some shorts. she wears heels because she wants to be taller. also toned legs aaayyy. alvin’s more or less the same, with a scarf that i think looks nice. gaius i had a hard time with, especially that coat. gave her a cropped jacket in the end because cropped jackets are my thing. she has an hourglass figure. julius is pretty much the same too, with cropped pants instead. still has an undercut. i wanted to draw her somewhat big-boned but it was hard. just pretend she is. ivar didn’t change much either. matches jude in height and the exposed legs area. more cropped jackets. i think she came out really cute. i had no idea what to do with ludger’s hair and by the time i figured it out, i didn’t feel like thinking too hard about her clothes. so it’s also mostly unchanged, except the pants. she’s skinny compared to her sis.


figs for brett’s lq book (now sold out sry)


ah yes the legendary floating heads. here are some xillia2 ladies as boys c: i’ve already drawn the boys as ladies here.

comments you are free to delete: gave alt milla a shorter hairstyle and bigger eyes to make him stand out from milla maxwell. i’d like to think he’s got a slightly bigger build than milla maxwell too. elize ended up looking more like he’s from the first game, but i liked his face so i kept it. was going for a prince look. for muzet, i would’ve preferred to keep his hair short but since he uses it as a weapon, i drew it long. it ends about mid-back so maybe he can elongate it or something?? it’s spring-loaded. leia looks the most different from the original, after a lot of tries. the ponytail might be pushing it but he looks cute maybe?? for milla maxwell, i went through three hairstyles before finally settling on just leaving it down sob. he’s a bit prettier because of the ‘effective appearance’ deal. for elle, i kept the hat and styled the bangs a bit since i cut her recognizable hair short. also kept the hat ribbons because they’re cute wah. nova and vera look pretty different from their originals too i think. i tried to draw hairstyles that might fit a pair of office workers, but ones that are still young and flashier than they should be. they were pretty hard;;

Tokyo Ghoul Special Illustration Calendar 2015 + Color Palettes (insp.)


art thing I’m working on currently

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