I saw a couple people draw link and I honestly couldn’t resist the temptation.

i think folks sometimes forget that ‘adult’ link is still mentally ten years old

i mean shit’s gotta be rough for anyone but ten years old man

Today’s been more fun than usual! It was always boring waiting for grampa to get back, but today I don’t wanna leave. I bet I know why. It must be ‘cuz you’re here, Sensei.


Every single one of rvsa's Link to the Past sketches is amazing. These really take me back to playing this game when I was a kid. (pixiv/flickr)


I was listening to Fallen Angel and this happened.


I ended up liking Rune Factory 4 a lot more than I expected I would, I had played Harvest Moon a bitchload in my younger days so I thought I’d try RF4 for the hell of it. PLEASANT SURPRISE. 

Also liked Arthur more than I expected I would. 

Here’s how it’s done!

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